A sacred, healing space to drop your personal and spiritual growth practice from your head, into your body


To become an active participant in your growth journey

To optimize and deepen the relationship with yourself and others

To become empowered in your abilities to self heal and navigate through your daily life journey


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Want to know the *secret* to embodying your healing?


Mindful, intentional action & practice.



The Healing Embodied Self Paced Experience gives you all the tools to take consistent, daily action so you can bring a higher version of you into fruition.


This is a six week (self paced) healing experience deep diving into 6 foundational themes of the human experience to support your journey through transformation and dropping your personal and spiritual growth practice from your head into your body.



 Six weeks of self paced lessons and digital mentorship

Daily rituals and practices for personal spiritual growth

Proven strategies for self-mastery, self-care and self-healing

And look, I know...


Up to this point you have found a safe place in your mind and intellect to ponder your personal and spiritual growth, so to consider taking intentional action to actually practice this journey, is a bit unnerving.


You have a deep sense that the way you have been approaching your personal healing and transformation hasn't been ideal - And that it's time to take a massive step into a new way that will serve you much better.


You are exhausted from all the overthinking about where to start, how to get started, why haven't you started yet and the constant self deprecating thoughts you hold on to - You are ready to step away from that narrative and into a new, healthy practice for your growth 


You're ready to create an intentional practice that you can sustain


You're ready to live your healing journey


You're ready to live your personal and spiritual growth journey


You're ready to embody your healing


Yes, I'm ready now!

 So, welcome in!


And hey, I'm Melanie - Embodied Healing Guide and creator of the Grow Your Lovespace Method and healing platform. I know a thing or two about supporting individuals on their personal and spiritual journeys (6+ years worth to be exact) and I need you to hear this:


Mindset awareness, presence, intentional action to cultivate a deeper relationship with your mind, body, spirit and energy in your daily life equals more PEACE, more FULFILLMENT, and more JOY...


You are worthy of a new, healthy way of moving through your human experience without solely living and dwelling in your head space. Action and practice are in order.


It's time to take it. You deserve this. And I’d be honored to walk with you and guide you on this journey. 


So if you want more clarity, a proven roadmap, digital mentorship, and to be apart of an amazing group of like minds supporting you on as you strive to create the life you are oh-so-deserving of living…


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What is inside the Healing Embodied Experience/Course?


Week 1 Lesson/Theme: Realignment Alchemy

Week 2 Lesson/Theme: Solitude Is Sacred 

Week 3 Lesson/Theme: The Art of Letting Go

Week 4 Lesson/Theme: Building Your Intuition

Week 5 Lesson/Theme: The Art of Non-Attachment

Week 6 Lesson/Theme: Grief as a Gift

BONUS: Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook


Each lesson includes:


A pre-recorded insight/introduction video and accompanying audio recording

Journaling/introspection prompts

An intuitive movement prompt and playlist

Tea education/guide with suggested rituals

A guided meditation and mudra education video


Why Insight videos?

Education and guided insight can often be the difference between confused & frustrated and empowered & informed. I’ll pass on my wisdom I have through a strategically-designed curriculum of content. 


Why Intuitive Movement?

Movement is ESSENTIAL for anyone seeking mind and body wellness. It’s a remarkably effective way to connect to the breath that gives you life and the emotions that give COLOR to your life. You’ll receive prompts and high vibe playlists to master the expressive and healing art of movement.


Why Herbal Tea?

Tea with time is sacred space and a practice of presence and going inward. Being present with and caring for your mind, body and soul with tea rituals is a beautiful way to have an embodied experience with your healing. I’ll show you how with the best herbal tea education you’ll ever have.


Why Guided Meditation and Mudras?

Journeying within to bring about pure positive energy is how you tap into your highest and most-aligned self. Tuning into your breathe and subtle body through meditation in tandem with a mudra practice enhances your natural self healing faculty.


Keep in mind, this is a 6 week course BUT it is self paced so you move on a timeline that feels good for you! You will have access to the course material indefinitely!


And don't forget your bonus:


BONUS: Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook

- A short guidebook to walk you through how you can create a sacred, designated space in your home for your personal and spiritual growth


Okay I'm ready now!

Kayla W.

"I just finished week one of the course and it has changed my life. I had a hard time implementing all the healing quotes and rituals I was coming across in the past year and a half until someone recommended your course. It has changed my life and my perspective on rituals. You've helped me connect the pieces in my spiritual journey. Because of you, I was able to move my body without shame again and I've gotten a handle on fulfilling and enriching rituals to better understand myself."

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  • 6 weeks of self paced themed content
  • Bonus: Replenish Your Spirit Guidebook
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