Personalized sacred space where you are guided through a deep, layered embodied experience with intuitive movement, tea presence practice, guided meditation and mudra. 


I choose a personalized mudra for whatever challenge or theme you currently are wanting to focus on or work through.
You are held and heard. And you leave the session vibrating higher than when you entered, with tools to support you with dropping your growth and your healing from your head, into your body.
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Small disclaimer!

Although I will continue to offer these one off sessions, I HIGHLY recommend you look into joining the Embodied Healing Circle so that you gain deeper self awareness about what you truly need support in healing through that expands beyond the surface. You are offered discounted 1:1 support once you complete the Mentorship! 

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Crystal M.

"A session with Mel leaves you speechless! The way that she guides you through ceremony truly helps you slow down and take account all that you hope to accomplish and manifest in your life."


Akela J.

"The Alchemy session that we had today was absolutely amazing! When I tell you I have never felt more connected to self and centered, I mean it. I am just starting out on my self discovery journey and Mel made me feel so comfortable, divinely guiding me through my meditations and affirmations. I felt like I’ve known her for many lifetimes! I’ve been beaming with joy the whole day! Mel is an amazing human being with divine light all around her, soak up some of it and book a session! I know this will not be the last time for me!"

Nicole M.

"This was my first 1:1 session with Mel and I loved it. Walking me through her embodied principles was really enjoyable and easy to follow. The "layered" meditative experience is real and I learned more than I expected. Mel does a great job of letting you unearth the answers yourself and just guides you as well as giving her own personal perspective. I will definitely do another in a few months and I actually have recommended her to close friends!"


Becky R. 

My alchemy session with Mel was challenging and perfect. The practices themselves were so educational about myself. But beyond that, the care, love, and attention Mel gives you before, during, and after the session is where the value really comes in. I felt safe and held and understood by someone I did not know previously to our session. I would recommend an alchemy 1:1 session to any friend who is on their healing journey and I look forward to my next session.


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